Watchers Chronicles Book 1: Rogue Angel

Archangel Raguel investigates crimes involving angels. When he inadvertently kills a young woman and her son while trying to apprehend a malevolent angel, he quits his job, unable to justify his actions. But his self-imposed retirement is interrupted when Semyaza, leader of the Watcher Angels, also known as the Grigori, asks him to find Penemuel, the Watcher who taught humans to write, and who has disappeared. Meanwhile, fellow Watchers Azazel and Gadreel, who taught mankind how to make weapons, learn someone is interfering with their gun-running operation on the Dark Net.


As Raguel investigates first Penemuel's disappearance, then his murder, he finds himself drawn into the world of the Grigori. Semyaza seems to have an agenda, but is it related to Azazel's and Gadreel's operation? And what about the mysterious and reclusive Sariel who's come out of exile for one reason: vengeance. But will his desire for revenge destroy humanity?

Semyaza left the funeral home with more questions than answers.


Once Penemuel returned to life, he was supposed to send Semyaza a coded text message. Time for his resurrection had passed. Had something gone wrong? 


His plans had failed. Even McMahon had screwed up by not finding the diary and stealing it before Raguel had discovered it. Seemed Penemuel conspired against him.  


Had Raguel read it yet?


He hoped Raguel had taken Carson to the shelter he’d told him about. Problem? Raguel didn’t trust him. He would’ve taken him elsewhere, upsetting his plans even more.


“Screw you, Penemuel,” he muttered as he headed west, not walking anywhere in particular.


He came to a cemetery. Strange, he sensed another angel’s presence. Curious, he stepped through the wrought iron gates.


“About time.”


Penemuel? Semyaza scanned the gravestones, statues, and obelisks until he spotted the Grigori leaning against a marble angel.


How apropos.


“Where have you been?” Semyaza debated grabbing Penemuel by his shirt collar and slamming him up against the cemetery’s brick wall.


Penemuel straightened his suit jacket sleeve. “What’re you worked up about?”


“You had orders to contact me as soon as you came back to life. Raguel is investigating your murder, and he has the diary. If you included any incriminating information...” He couldn’t trust Penemuel wouldn’t double-cross him again. Because he’d no doubt the angel had before.


“You’re too suspicious.” Penemuel straightened. “No matter. Our goal is to turn suspicion on Azazel and Gadreel. I’m sure Raguel will investigate them.”


“Don’t forget you’re supposed to disappear.” How could the Watcher Angel be so nonchalant?


“Already done. A friend is letting me stay in his vacation cabin. No way Raguel can track me, and it’s near a cell tower. We can keep in touch.”


“Aren’t you afraid he’ll lock onto your coordinates?” It bothered Semyaza Penemuel made decisions without consulting him.  


Penemuel shrugged. “Not with a burner phone.”


“Fine. Just don’t do anything. Been some competition for the weapons I told you about. Looks like the deal with the other party may have fallen through.”


Penemuel gave a long, low whistle. “Any idea who?”


Semyaza shook his head. “Whoever it is, they’re good at covering their tracks in the Dark Net. Quite frankly, I’d love to find out who they are and shut them down.” While he suspected Gadreel and Azazel, he kept his opinion to himself. He couldn’t risk Penemuel telling them.


Penemuel ran his hand over the angel’s marble one. “Suspect they feel the same.”


“Yeah.” If the two warrior Grigori supplied arms to a rebel army fighting the terrorists...


That irritated him. He wanted terrorists to invade the Middle East. He and his small army would sweep in, eradicate the terrorists, and free the countries' citizens. They would rule the Middle East on their terms, one far worse than anything the terrorists could’ve planned. Their influence would span the globe, and they’d enslave humans and destroy them.


Too bad he couldn’t have Gadreel or Azazel brought before the satans for committing any crimes.


Especially since his own might be discovered.


He turned to Penemuel. “All right. This is where we part. I’ll try to keep Raguel busy. Stay quiet and only contact me when necessary. When you arrive, text me your friend’s address. I’ve got some rumors to spread, and I want to be sure Raguel hears them.”


He also had a human to kill.