So Many Stories...

I hadn't intended to get a new domain, but here it is. I suppose that's a good thing, because with this blog I can talk about all aspects of writing, whereas my "Darkling Delights" blog focuses on speculative fiction.

Most of my stories fall into the paranormal genre, whether suspense or romance or a combination of both. There's also a part of me that enjoys writing and reading contemporary and classic suspense/mystery. Raymond Chandler? Check. Dashiell Hammett? Yep. Even Alfred Hitchcock. I read his suspense anthologies when I was younger and still check out his TV series and movies.

Like many authors, I have snippets of stories and completed manuscripts, along with ideas in various folders on various hard drives. I'm currently revising one novel for submission to my agent, and am also trying to think of an idea for a screenplay, although I'm not sure if it'll be horror or suspense. Perhaps a combination.

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