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When Angels Threaten 


She doesn’t trust easily. But with her life on the line, she may have to partner with humanity’s greatest traitor to stop the planet’s destruction.


Victoria Gregory is barely making ends meet in a shady part of town. But the twenty-one-year-old thrift-store worker never expected to be attacked by a crazed angel wielding a fiery whip. And she certainly didn’t plan for her ancient silver coin to summon none other than Judas Iscariot to come to her defense.


After Judas tells Victoria her assailant is after the artifact to annihilate mankind, she’s certain the biblical villain must be deranged. But after demons attack and she takes control of Judas’s dragon, the wary young woman is plunged into a lethal race to save the world… or be sent to Hell.


Can Victoria throw her lot in with an unexpected ally and reverse the descent into darkness?


When Angels Threaten is an action-packed supernatural thriller. If you like strong heroines, contemporary settings, and epic battles between good and evil, then you’ll love Pamela Turner’s captivating tale.


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Exterminating Angel 
Making a deal with the Devil is the least of his problems.


Archangel Zaphkiel never intended to unleash the sun demon upon the city. Bad enough his boss finds out and orders his wings ripped off and his powers revoked.

Desiring revenge against his boss, Zaphkiel asks Lucifer to make him a fallen angel.


The Devil agrees but not in the way Zaphkiel expects. Nor does he expect to be reunited with his lover, Caliel, long thought executed. But will the two be able to continue their relationship when Caliel learns what Zaphkiel has done?


When Caliel falls victim to the sun demon, Zaphkiel must decide if he can trust the Devil and the deal he’s made, or if he’ll not only lose Caliel for good but also be responsible for the world’s destruction.   


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The Ripper's Daughter

Ten years ago, Jack the Ripper killed my sister. Now someone’s murdering the city’s prostitutes. One of them, my friend, has been kidnapped and I fear she’ll be the next victim.

A mysterious young woman may be the key to solving the crimes. Except I’m no longer a detective inspector investigating the case. I’m just a tavern owner who happens to be a vampire.

Because I know something about the Ripper no one else does. If that young woman is his daughter, they’re more dangerous than anything the police have dealt with.

Hell, I wouldn’t want to face his daughter alone.

But if I’m to save my friend, I have no choice.